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Welcome to Addiction Advisor

Addiction is a difficult way of life. Addiction impacts almost all areas of one’s well-being and often the negative consequences of a person’s use can end up contributing to their reluctance to seek help.

However, the future does not have to be bleak. The truth is that with effective, targeted help many people successfully address their addiction and rebuild their lives.

Counselling with an expert addiction counsellor can be a life changing experience.

Initially it is common to think the way forward is to ‘go it alone’. That overcoming an addiction is a matter of ‘will power’ and view seeking help such as counselling as admitting defeat. It can be natural to feel fearful of letting someone know the truth, to confide in another.

That is why it is of paramount importance to meet with a specialist in the field. A counsellor who knows what they are doing.


Call in confidence to discuss your addiction counselling or treatment needs – 0800 246 5947





Getting help to overcome an addiction will involve hard work. The benefits of change far outweigh the struggle to change.

 Call in confidence to discuss your addiction counselling or treatment needs – 0800 246 5947

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The Addiction Advisor professionally qualified team works with you from beginning to end, providing ongoing support in your home locality to minimize your chances of relapse in the longer-term.