Private Clinic

We have access to over 1000 treatment beds around the UK and abroad. We have low cost options to exclusive boutique rehabilitation.

Our bespoke private clinic offers rehabilitation for the discerning professional client. Everything has been taken into account when creating this 5 star executive substance addiction recovery centre.

This is just one clinic that can offer you the perfect escape for recovery. Offering you the distance needed from daily stresses, whilst still being able to keep your finger on the pulse of necessary business back home. Call us now for more details. 0800 246 5243.

The stunning and tranquil surroundings, as well as the luxurious and fully equipped accommodation, truly compliments the professional treatment offered.

Making the call is the first step to recovery

Talk to one of our specialist addiction treatment consultants today, they are on hand to talk you through the simple admissions procedure. Early admission is key to a full recovery 0800 2465243.

The highest level of attention and care

The Manor is a 5 star addiction and is world class recovery resort in achieving results.

The private clinic has created a team of medical professionals, counselors, therapists and rehabilitation nurses that are on hand to administer your customised rehabilitation plan throughout your stay.

The Manor has decades of experience in addiction rehabilitation and is on standby and ready to be part of your successful recovery story.

View a video showing you around the accommodation at The Manor

Our promise

Our private and exclusive clinic is designed to support you through the process of addiction recovery. Our bespoke holistic approach to rehabilitation takes every element of a client’s life into consideration, giving a customised recovery plan.

What to expect

By using our addiction recovery rehabilitation service you will benefit from a completely confidential service and quick admission, the speed in which treatment can begin is paramount to making a full and lasting recovery. All our bespoke treatments are delivered by experts in the field of addictions. Our high-end facilities and five star luxury surroundings help to encourage the healing process. We are dedicated to providing you with every resource that you need to make a full recovery from every type of addiction.

View a video showing you around  Manor

Recovery is possible

Whether it is for you or a loved one, the sooner treatment is initiated, the better chance of a full recovery. Make the call today to speak to one of our addiction treatment experts 0800 246 5243 and we will start this journey to freedom from dependence together.


Effective Addiction Couselling

For many clients it is possible to get well without going to rehab. Call us first on
0800 246 5293
to discuss how a private counsellor specialising in addiction can help.

Effective Addiction Rehab

“Why going overseas might be the right option for you”

Explore our specialist South African Clinic on the South Coast.

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For free, independent and confidential advice, call

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The Addiction Advisor Guarantee

  • Advice on both free and private addiction treatment.
  • An absolute commitment to finding you best value if you are seeking private addiction treatment.
  • A guarantee that you never pay more for residential treatment than by approaching a particular addictions treatment centre directly.
  • Advice only on treatment centres registered with regulatory bodies
  • Working only with individual counsellors, doctors and nurses who maintain registration with their professional regulatory bodies.
  • Additional on-going support in your home locality to prevent relapse.


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