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Evaluating the number of rehabilitation center places needed

Most of us are aware that drug use is taking place in our society.  But unless we have experienced it first hand, either as a someone who misused drugs, or as loved one of a drug misuser, it can be difficult to really understand the reality of what drug abuse can mean.

But even in a more statistical view we have a relatively poor understanding of the scope of drug addiction in our society, and a fairly poor view of what impact this may be having on individuals, and on society as a whole. 

A recent report has identified how poor our national data regarding drug abuse is, and has highlighted how this deficit in knowledge could adversely impact services offered to individuals suffering from the disease (Addiction Today, 2011). 

What the report shows is that without adequate understanding of the number of people who need a rehabilitation center or detox unit, it is impossible to provide the appropriate number of places to meet the demand. 

While many individuals may not be in a position to, or want to admit to their drug use, there are others who are desperately seeking help, but may be unable to access services due to long wait lists, or the expense of private care. 

It is for this reason that having a more accurate account of how many individuals are suffering from the disease, and what can be done to best support them is essential in helping to tackle the problem.    When an individual is suffering from a drug addiction, one of the most important aspects is having the support and guidance there for when they choose to access help.  Without this, people are significantly less likely to overcome their addiction successfully, and these provisions can only be put in place if we have a better understanding of how many people may need our help, and who they may be.



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Published by on 16/08/2012.

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